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10 proven strategies to create more engaging YouTube videos

August 18th, 2023



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Trying to make better videos can feel overwhelming.

It seems like there’s always more to learn 🤯

But there are some skills that are non-negotiable when it comes to YouTube.

That is… if you really care about creating engaging content that grows your channel.

So here are 10 scriptwriting fundamentals that I’ve learned across 2 years, dozens of scripts and 1,000,000s of views…

1/ Hook

If you’re struggling to write a strong hook, simplify it 👇

2/ Stakes

While keeping it simple, the hook needs to give your audience an emotional reason to watch.

Remember, it’s about them, not you… 👇

3/ Payoffs

Payoffs matter more than anything.

See last week’s newsletter for details about how to use them properly.

Not sure if your payoffs are positioned effectively? Highlight them in your script.

This makes it easy to see when you haven’t introduced new or exciting information for a while.

4/ Credentials

Unless the subject matter acutely calls for it…

Don’t give your full list of credentials in the hook. It’s boring.

If you’re the real deal, let your content speak for itself.

But before we move onto the second half of the list, I wanna show you something cool…

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5/ Framing

Choosing a good topic is not enough.

You need to frame it properly.

Use my 4-point checklist to ensure you’ve framed your video in the right way.

6/ Study

If you want to understand why things work (and how to avoid what doesn’t)…

Spend time studying other people’s content.

7/ Scripting

Scripting videos (where it makes sense) is the best way to ensure quality control over the final output.

See my FULL arguments for this in Creator Debates S02E01 🤩👇

Click to watch!

8/ Writing

Avoid task switching while writing.

This is a personal preference, but it makes writing 10x easier.

I use the 3-Hat Method 🎩👒🧢

An updated version of this is gonna be featured in my upcoming course

If you’re building something my audience would love, you can get it in front of 1100+ creators!

Sponsor Write On Time

9/ Call-To-Action

Simplify it 👇

10/ Ending

Once you’ve delivered the final piece of value…

Stop talking.

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