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January 5th, 2024



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🥳 Happy New Year! 🎉

I hope you’re excited for another 365 days on YouTube.

There’s a chance that a single video could do something life-changing for you this year.

But only if you stay committed to improving your content with every new upload.

So, to kick off the year, we’re gonna keep it simple.

Here are the three most important things to focus on in 2024 to improve the quality of your scripts, get more views, and grow your channel faster…

1/ Hook

Focus on your audience; you need to understand who they are.

It’s well and good knowing who they are, what they want and what scares them in theory, but you need to be able to translate that to the page.

Right away, you need to get them excited, reassure them the video will do what the title says, and overcome their objections.

In the first 10 seconds, they’ll have decided whether you’re the person to entertain/educate them.

Make it a no-brainer, like Jason did in this video I’ve continued to adore…

Chinese Takeout Fried Rice Secrets Revealed

“By the end of this video, you WILL be able to make fried rice at home better than 99% of takeout restaurants. You’re not going to need to master any extreme techniques. You don’t need to cook your rice on a portal to Hades. Everything in this video is adapted for the average home cook on a standard burner.”

Objection-busting is in bold 👆

2/ Payoffs

Yes, your video needs to deliver on the promise of the title.

But if it “reveals the answer” or “shows the explosion” right away, your audience has no reason to stay.

Equally, if it forces them to wait 15 minutes for any sort of payoff, they’ll get bored and leave.

So break each script down into smaller components.

Look at this banger from Jenny Hoyos, and notice we’re constantly experiencing “mini-payoffs” throughout the video.

I Found a Loophole to Shop for FREE

  • 0:50-1:30 – we learn the basics of couponing from Google.
  • 1:30-2:20 – we learn advanced techniques from her mum
  • 2:20-4:50 – we see what coupon-gathering looks like in action.

Each mini-payoff builds on the last one and we constantly feel the video’s momentum driving us from one to the next.

You should be able to label your video’s mini-payoffs too.

If you can’t, your audience is gonna be lost as heck.

3/ Test Run

So, you’ve set aside a few hours in your calendar for filming.

You’ve even got a couple of scripts prepared, so you’ll have TWO videos in the can by lunchtime.

And thank goodness, because after lunch you’ve got another 36 urgent tasks that need your attention.

Luckily, you’ll have the warm glow of having shot two whole videos to get you through it.

But then filming day comes.

You try speaking to the camera and it turns out what you wrote just sounds bizarre.

  • You’d never say this like that.
  • Some sentences are so long you’re running out of breath.
  • And you’re also kinda repeating yourself.

Now you’re awkwardly making edits to the script while the camera’s still rolling.

Meaning bigger files to upload, more crap to cut out in the edit and, crucially, less progress during filming.

The problem is… you won’t know whether your script sounds good until you read it out loud.

When you do, you’ll spot a tonne of problems with:

  • Awkward phrasing
  • Repetition
  • Clarity

Not to mention whether the hook and payoffs properly adhere to the advice I gave above!

So read it aloud before filming day. Properly. As if you were delivering to camera.

This should become a non-negotiable part of your scriptwriting process.

Bonus: My CTA Formula

Use it. Confirmed life-hack 😜

That’s all for this week!

If you’re waiting on a reply from me via email, Twitter or elsewhere, I’ll come back to you as soon as I can.

Trying to launch YTSP has been a whirlwind and I’m way behind on my usual comms.

Appreciate your patience in the meantime ❤️

Speak soon,
George 👋

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