Bad retention on YouTube? Read this…

June 2nd, 2023



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Let’s start off with a game.

Wait, a game?

Yes, you heard me.

It’s the end of the week and I’m forcing you to have some organised fun.

The Game

Take a look at the graph in this tweet…

Can you figure out, just by looking at the graph, why this video was losing viewers?

A couple of folks who replied to the tweet got it right, but see if you can figure it out before clicking through to read the answer.

(If you’d rather not click the tweet, I’ll leave the answer at the bottom of this email!)

But this isn’t the only graph I’m gonna get you to look at in this email.

Because until you learn to properly interpret different graph shapes and what they mean…

You’ll never understand how your audience really feels about your content.

Result? You’ll keep making the same mistakes.

With that said, let’s get onto the reviews…

Video #1

Title: Your Roadmap to Prosperity from Ground Zero

Creator: Conscious Mastery

Average % viewed: 46.8%

In this review:
What a retention graph with a slow, steady decline like this means (and how to fix it).

Read it now

Video #2

Title: I Learned Sion in 10 Hours. Here’s what Happened

Creator: Ecore200

Average % viewed: 51.7%

In this review:
The most compelling way to incorporate voiceover into entertainment content.

Read it now

Video #3

Title: Tumblr Users Are Unhinged

Creator: Damien Lee

Average % viewed: 64.1%

In this review:
The mindset shift you need if you’re serious about improving your content over time.

Read it now

Time for some answers 😱

So… why were people skipping ahead in the graph I showed you at the start?

One word: Payoff.

In that script, I’d make a point, THEN talk about it for ages.

So, after making each point, I wasn’t adding anything new, which meant people were skipping ahead to get to the next payoff sooner.

Instead, you should always be building towards a payoff – giving context; using metaphors; telling stories; gradually revealing details…

…rather than giving away the juicy bit and then overexplaining it.

That’s all for now!

Speak soon,

George 👋

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