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I’m giving away the exact templates I use to write scripts for creators like Ali Abdaal, Creator Booth, and other successful YouTubers.

I’ve used these templates on scripts that have reached over 1,000,000 views. Now you can use them too.

YouTube Title Length Checker

A simple table in Notion, designed to give you a nudge if your title is too long to display fully across all devices.

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It also includes the link to a super useful website which shows you a preview of how your title and thumbnail will look across different displays (mobile vs desktop, homepage vs up next, etc)

This template is integrated into my YouTube Script Template (+ Repurposing Segment), which is also free.

I would also highly recommend Jake Thomas from Creator Hooks for incredible tips on writing better titles.

YouTube Script Template (Includes Repurposing Segment)

This is the template I developed while writingo write scripts for Ali Abdaal, Creator Booth, and other successful YouTubers. It's designed with simplicity in mind.

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Writing YouTube scripts can get messy. Before creating this template, I used to:

Dive straight into writing the script before a proper title and thumbnail brainstorm.
Write scripts without really considering what my aims were at key points in the video.
Not bother repurposing content because I didn’t know the best way to lay it out.

This template streamlined the way I wrote scripts for YouTubers.

It does nothing groundbreaking.

It simply lays out a clean space to brainstorm titles, construct your script, and effortlessly repurpose the content for other platforms.

Title and thumbnail brainstorming section.
Script layout, broken into four key segments.
Repurposing space for converting the video into tweets, Shorts and YouTube Community posts.

Other features:
A brief summary of what you should be aiming to achieve with each aspect of the script.
Utilises my ‘Title Length Checker‘ to make sure your video titles aren’t too long.

YouTube Audience Avatar Template

An audience avatar template designed specifically for your YouTube channel.

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An audience avatar template designed specifically for your YouTube channel.

Most YouTubers never create one.

But understanding exactly who you're talking to is the only way you'll write more engaging content that brings the right viewers back, upload after upload.It takes 10 minutes to fill out.

It'll impact every single video you ever make.

Pro YouTube Script Template

A significantly upgraded version of my free script template, designed to walk you step-by-step through the process of writing a well-structured script.

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Heads up - if you've already invested in my comprehensive scriptwriting course, the YouTube Scriptwriter's Playbook, then you already have access to this template!

This is the scriptwriting template I developed while writing scripts for Ali Abdaal, Mike Shake, Noah Kagan and Creator Booth.

25,000,000+ views later, this template is not only designed to create a logical scriptwriting workflow - it distils the most important principles for writing an engaging script and walks you through how to apply them.

Inside, you'll find...


This template walks you through the important steps of preparation before you write your script:

One-sentence idea
2. Talking points brainstorm
3. Framing
4. Title + thumbnail brainstorm
5. Targeting your avatar
6. Creating structure

The Script

This template breaks down the scriptwriting process into manageable chunks, aided by frameworks + checklists.

Hook Framework
2. Progression Pointers
3. Payoff Breakdown
4. Retention Checklist
5. CTA Formula

Please note - this template is designed in Notion. If you don't already have a Notion account, you can sign up for free.

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